Terms & Conditions

I take pride in the art I make, and I want you to LOVE your piece! While I can not accept returns, I will be happy to repair or replace your chosen artwork in kind if defective. 

My jewelry is handmade from Art Clay Silver, which begins as a clay form and after firing in a kiln is .999 Fine Silver. Fine Silver is different from sterling silver as it contains no copper content that gives sterling silver its' strength, so care should be made with handling your artwork. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask. Utilizing Art Clay Silver allows me to create pieces using a broad range of skillsets; sculpting, carving, welding, and traditional silversmithing. 

All pieces come with a sample of Sunshine polishing pad, which is the only recommended way to clean your jewelry. Keep it safe in the anti-tarnish velvet pouch it arrives in, and brush gently with the Sunshine pad if you notice any tarnishing. NEVER use any solutions or anything other than the Sunshine pad on your piece. 

At any time you may send your purchase back to me for a polishing. Just pay S&H in both directions and I'll revitalize your silver artwork right away. If you're in Santa Fe, you can come bring it to me in my studio and I'll do it for you immediately! Just note that I'm only open by appointment, so you'll want to call or email ahead of time. 

Thank You & Best Regards, 
Christina McGrady
Silver Grain Studios, LLC
Eldorado @ Santa Fe, NM