Architect / Welder / Sculptor / Antique Tool Junkie

Silver Grain Studios was founded in 2015 by Christina McGrady in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After falling in love with the arts at a young age, she went on to study Architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in the late 90's. It was during her studies there that she decided she wanted to concentrate on learning every aspect of a successful build, so she spent her years after Pratt working as a construction manager while also learning to master carpentry, welding, sculpture, and woodworking. 

Intrigued by precious metal clay, Christina took a class in the art and knew it was the next step in her artistic career. Utilizing all of the technical skills learned in her previous work, she molds and sculpts the clay, fires it, and finishes it all by hand. Her designs pay homage to the craftsmen, tools, and materials that have formed her passion for creating. 

All items are made completely by hand at the Silver Grain Studios live/work space in beautiful Santa Fe, NM. If you are looking to commission a custom piece, please contact me by email to set up an appointment. 

Be kind. Make art. Read good books. Take no shit. - Unknown